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Regarding automatic centrifuging of material either to increase quantity or to optimize job flow NUOVASARA AUTOMATIC/CONTINUOS centrifuges are perferctly up to the job


In case of considerable amount of chip to disoil or if your company wants to automate its process, limit pollution, preserve oil, make chip valuable and in addition it is necessary to automate the disoiling process of working remains (trucioli da asportazione, bave di tranciatura, foratura profonda, etc.).

Disoiling centrifuge is usually located at the end of the chip-gathering line and feeded continuosly by conveyor belts or cochleas. After the disoling stage swarfs are conveyed to storage.

In addition to centrifuges Nuova Sara designs and implements all the devices related to their use and chip-treament plants as well:

  • Chip conveyor belts
  • Swarf/Chip storage and collecting
  • Sections for chip collection and sieving
  • Sections for chip storage and batching
  • Centrifuge upside stand

Economic Advantage:

oil recovery and value of chips to be reselled as secondary raw material.

Environmental Advantage:

less pollution from the chip, less pollution in working environment, recovery of resources.

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